The basis for any tangible interface that interacts with a computer or electronics is the sensor. Sensors track a change in themselves or the environment and convey this change to the computer in the form of a number. A sensor could track anything from a touch to a stretch or a shake. Using this changing number they output, we can manipulate parameters in a computer. In the case of a musical instrument this could mean the volume, pitch or any number of characteristics that can…Continue Reading “Sensors for Gestural Musical Interfaces”

For centuries we have carefully handcraft the interactions of musical instruments, optimizing them for intuitive learning, playability and comfort yet many of the newest tools of musical expression are cold, intangible and use technologies in ways that ignore hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge. Sonic Interactions is a hands-on workshop in combining concept, craft and composition. This workshop aims to expand our creative repertoire by introducing basic electronics and coding in the context of musical instruments to explore a variety of tangible ways for us…Continue Reading “Sonic Interactions Workshop Preparation”