A question that keeps running through my mind is what is the proper context for a Workshop on Creating Musical Instruments with new technology? Most might answer with a music school or university and others might say a place where people study electronics and engineering, but personally, coming from a UX and Interaction Design background equips me with just the right blend of strategizing, making, testing skills to create instruments. That’s exactly why I decided to facilitate my workshop at the Midwest UX in Chicago…Continue Reading “Workshop in Chicago at MWUX”

To streamline the Sonic Interactions workshops we’ve created an open source audio toolkit which we’re calling the Sonic Interactions Pi (SIP) Kit.┬áIt was important to us to create an accessible open source audio kit for the workshops. Hardware The SIP Kit consists of the following hardware components: Raspberry Pi (https://www.raspberrypi.org) – Linux Microprocessor Lots of Pots expansion board (https://moderndevice.com/product/lots-of-pots-lop-board-for-raspberry-pi/) USB Audio Adapter The Pi comes with sound but only a low quality output, this adapter (https://www.adafruit.com/product/1475) adds higher quality input and output. Software The Raspberry…Continue Reading “Sonic Interaction Pi Kit”