Month: July 2018

  • Workshop Structure

    One Day Workshop (more detail)

  • SIK Software System Diagram

    SIK Software System Diagram

    How various applications are connected in the Sonic Interactions Kit

  • Sonic Interactions Kit

    Sonic Interactions Kit

    To streamline the Sonic Interactions workshops we’ve created an open source audio toolkit which we’re calling the Sonic Interactions Kit (SIK). It was important  to create an accessible open source audio kit for the workshops. Hardware SIK consists of the following hardware components: Raspberry Pi ( – Linux Microprocessor Lots of Pots expansion board ( […]

  • Sonic Interactions Workshop Preparation

    For centuries we have carefully handcraft the interactions of musical instruments, optimizing them for intuitive learning, playability and comfort yet many of the newest tools of musical expression are cold, intangible and use technologies in ways that ignore hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge. Sonic Interactions is a hands-on workshop in combining concept, craft and […]

  • Arduino Ribbon Synth

    Arduino Ribbon Synth