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  • Welcome to Sonic Interactions

    Join us on a journey into the captivating world where design, sound, and technology converge. This site is dedicated to the fascinating exploration and research at this electrifying intersection. Here, we delve deep into the realms of creativity, where user experience design (UX) merge seamlessly with auditory experiences and emergent technologies. Whether you’re a passionate…

  • Drumkid: Aleatoric drum machine

    Drumkid: Aleatoric drum machine
  • Pairing Motivation

    “I had an ergonomic problem and I paired it with a motivation,” Westerman said of the early inspiration. “I’d always felt that playing the piano was so much more graceful and expressive than using a computer keyboard, and I thought how great it would be if I pulled some of that expression from the piano…

  • Workshop Talk at IRCAM

    Workshop Talk at IRCAM

    Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the prestigious IRCAM, a Music & Technology institution in Paris. If you’ve unfamiliar with IRCAM it’s worth doing a little digging, they’re the place where Max was first created, a music/sound programming environment that’s become the standard in visual programming environments for realtime sound installations and…

  • Workshop in Chicago at MWUX

    Workshop in Chicago at MWUX

    A question that keeps running through my mind is what is the proper context for a Workshop on Creating Musical Instruments with new technology? Most might answer with a music school or university and others might say a place where people study electronics and engineering, but personally, coming from a UX and Interaction Design background…

  • Sensing the Body by Daito Manabe

    Sensing the Body by Daito Manabe
  • Contact: an interactive musical surface

    Contact: an interactive musical surface
  • Workshop Structure

    One Day Workshop (more detail)

  • SIK Software System Diagram

    SIK Software System Diagram

    How various applications are connected in the Sonic Interactions Kit

  • Sonic Interactions Kit

    Sonic Interactions Kit

    To streamline the Sonic Interactions workshops we’ve created an open source audio toolkit which we’re calling the Sonic Interactions Kit (SIK). It was important  to create an accessible open source audio kit for the workshops. Hardware SIK consists of the following hardware components: Raspberry Pi ( – Linux Microprocessor Lots of Pots expansion board (…